I believe in loving and serving people where they are at. With 12 plus years' experience in customer service, sales leadership, and entrepreneurship. I have had the opportunity to meet with extraordinary people and help them achieve their biggest dreams. I have always thrived off building relationships that bring mutual success. It is important that as a leader that I am always aware of who is in front of me, what their needs are and how can I be the solution to their problem. I ask myself these questions whenever I am meeting with new clients and also when I am meeting with them a second time. Everyone in my book is a "new" client because our seasons in life change. Because of that we always in need of a place to call "Home". The majority of my career evolved around the salon industry. The salon industry developed communication skills within myself that has played a major role in my success when working with people. This lead to business ownership. However my marketing mindset, drive to outreach and get creative with how you connect consumers with products lead me to think bigger and believe bigger for the people I was working with. Everyone has a dream of owning a home, whether it is big or small, it is a desire of the heart. I decided that I wanted to play a part in bringing that dream to pass in people's lives. That led me to working in property management with communities that were creating a life style for the tenants moving into the community and now a full time buyer's agent with the Jonah Waalen Team. Being a buyer's agent is absolutely amazing. It brings every piece of customer service, sales leadership and entrepreneurship together. I am able to educate, motivate, and inspire my clients while guiding through the process, embracing each conversation with grace and giving them all the information they need to make a wise decision for their dream to come true.