Every year the excitement that consumes the Christmas season has us all running around and going non stop. Often times we are so focused on the gatherings with family and friends, Santa Clause, the gifts , the money, the food and the time it takes to bring it all together that we forget what Christmas is about. Some of us have no idea the true meaning of Christmas and where it came from.

When I was a little girl, I learned an unconditional love that was never ending and everlasting. My  dad actually taught me this and he raised our family around Christ. 

In the beginning of the word Christmas is the word "Christ" and I never understood that until I learned that Christmas was derived from the birth of Jesus Christ and the story that tells us how he came to us,who was there,and what happened through journey until he was born. 

Bible Gateway passage: Luke 2 - New Life Version

The Birth of Jesus - In those days Caesar Augustus sent out word that the name of every pe...

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Now this is not for everyone and I am not pushing Christianity on you, But I am sharing my heart with you.  

Every year on Christmas Eve as my family and I are gathering together we have a tradition . This tradition comes before the food, the drinks, the games and the presents.  Our tradition is the telling of the Christmas story! Everyone gathers around my father as we listen to the  story about the birth of Jesus Christ. 

I remember the first time my daughters were old enough to really grasp the excitement of Santa coming, and the presents that were going to be under the tree,  What shocked me though was their patience.  My girls were so patient waiting  to open gifts and they were more excited anticipating the time that they get  to hear their Grandpa tell the story of Christmas and that we are celebrating the birth of Christ! 

Watching them give their full attention to my dad was the most fulfilling moment for me as a mom. They knew that their was a deeper meaning to Christmas and I will forever cherish that moment. I hope that  my daughters  carry this with them as they start their own families and traditions. To me this is priceless!

I wanted to share this tradition with you and invite you to visit a place that you can start a tradition with you and your family and hear this amazing story fill your heart love,peace and joy. Sometimes we need that moment to rest and gain perspective that it is not about the amount of money,food or gifts. Its about a boy and that brings us the greatest gift ever.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season and a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁📯

Listed below are some of my personal favorites and  are great places to visit this Christmas season  to be a part of services that tell you the story of Christmas!

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 Merry Christmas !