Why Make The Move To Keller Williams Realty?

For many years I was told how great Keller Williams was, and I said I would never join that office. Not a chance.

I used to hear people say all the time, "My biggest regret is waiting so long to make the switch", and I would always brush it off and think to myself, "Yeah right, they are just saying that to get me over there". 

After years of slow growth (if any), I found myself looking for more. What was I missing? What did I need to help my business continue to grow? 

After a lot of deliberation, seeking out leadership, friends, and business partners, half way through 2014 I decided now is the time. 

It's true, my biggest regret is waiting so long. Keller Williams had the platform for agents to be able to form teams nailed down, and all the tools to help you do it! You have the ability to build a business within a business with your own team, and the opportunity to grow! 

Another thing I wanted to touch on is the culture. At my previous brokerage, there were several people that were great colleagues and I still have relationships with them to this day, and they are outstanding people! However, there wasn't much sharing going on. It was kind of just going to work, putting your head down, and doing your own thing. The culture of Keller Williams is to succeed together,  everyone sharing ideas on what is working in their business and what isn't. It's amazing the help and support from one another at this office. There isn't really one team doing all of the business, there are several teams doing a lot of business along side each other. 

I want to share with you a little bit about my progression since making the move to Keller Williams Classic Realty and how you could do the same at any Keller Williams office. 

Here are some of our stats since making the switch:

Since 2013:

Our sales volume is up 350%

Our teams revenue is up 340%

Mega Agent Expansion

Once you have built a team that you feel is performing well, and would like to keep building and growing your business, you'll likely look into ESO (Expansion Systems Orientation). This is an opportunity to build other teams in other locations. Our team has not expanded yet, but we are an expansion partner, and we are looking forward to this opportunity in the near future!

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If you're considering joining a team, we hope you'll consider us. 

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